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Teknetics Omega

I am an avid coin hunter who hunts about 150 to 180 days a year. I retired in 2007 and hunt every day, weather permitting. I have always used a competitors multi frequency detector with great results. Late in 2009, I started developing elbow and shoulder problems which I cannot seem to shake. Being cash strapped, I wanted a light weight back up detector for my heavy detector. After much research, I settled on the Omega because of the rave reviews it was getting and it's reasonable price. I would use it about once a week this spring because I bought a bungee assist for my heavy detector. I have owned every new detector made in my 15 years in the hobby and I seem to make good finds with just about every detector I have used. The Omega was finding coins at similar depths at the trashy parks I frequent, which is a testament to it's ability. I was so familiar with my other detector that I was afraid that if I didn't use it, the "good finds" would stop. Well, my health has gotten so bad that I had to make the Omega my main detector. In the last month I found silver and wheat pennies every time out. I am finding them in trash and at depths up to 9 inches consistently. I can only hunt for a couple of hours at a time so I have not made the effort to drive an hour or so to some of my hotspots. I have concentrated on sites closer to home and to be honest, I did not expect to find much more than clad coins, but I am finding coins as old as I have ever found at these spots. I am using the 11 inch dd coil and several of the parks have a horrendous amount of modern trash. This is as fine a coil as I have ever used and I have no doubt the 5 inch coil will excel in these types of parks too. I never want to go detecting with the feeling that I am "under gunned" and after experiencing the abilities of the Omega, I feel I can find anything that is comes under it's coil. It is a great feeling to have that kind of confidence.

Conneaut, Ohio

Thank you Teknetics!

I have been detecting for over 30 years and the T2 is the only detector I have ever owned that has increased in value. I bought my T2 in 2007 for $799 and have found a ton of great stuff with it and had many years of enjoyment. I recently upgraded to the LTD which made my original T2 the 2nd best detector on the planet. My wife and I had some financial difficulty recently and had to sell my original T2 hoping to get $500 for it-Imagine my surprise when it sold on eBay for almost 3 times what I originally paid! I was able to take care of my financial issue pay off a few other bills and then take the wife out for a really nice dinner-needless to say she loves Teknetics just as much as I do! She also won’t complain when I am ready to get another new Teknetics detector which I will! I owe you guys one!

Thanks Tek!
John in Indiana

I've had a T2 for about 3 or 4 years and getting ready to get the 2nd one. This is my tip. If you get a good target signal and you dig your hole and then the target signal disappears and you don't hear anything, 99.9% of the time it will be in the lose dirt in the bottom of the hole. Works every time. Another every important tip is don't let the VDI numbers fool you. I was digging a drained lake and I keep getting a certain VDI number ( .22 shells casings) so I moved down the beach and got the same number and thought it was another .22 shell and it turned out to be a ladies 1924 gold class ring. Another time I was digging alot of shot gun shells and got the same VDI number range and it turned out to be a confederate script "I" coat button, so now you know why I dig just about every good target.

Dick Walters

Hamlet, NC

I have bought a T2 second hand fitted with a SEF 12x10 coil. Beats minelab with its standard coil. Easy to set up.

My favoured settings for UK ancient sites is Sens,70 Disc 10 Tone 2+ Have had some deep results. i.e. A Charles 2nd copper farthing 9 inches deep. Also four hammered so I am very pleased. The rarest find a brooch dating to 300 BC.


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